The network of gravel paths on the Moonah course are 4.6 kilometres in length and are now in need of resurfacing.

After extensive research and on-site trials, a new product has been identified which has demonstrated a greater resistance to erosion and generates less dust compared to the existing product used on the paths.  The new product has a strong clay content and with an asphalt additive mixed into the gravel, allows the product to set extremely hard which assists with dust control.

In total 1,800 tonnes of the new product is required to complete the entire upgrade.  The process involves the use of tractors and trailers to transport the product onto the course, a mini grader to form up the paths and a vibrating roller to compact the product.

The cart path resurfacing will start on Tuesday 9 August and will be completed by the end of August – during this time it is important members are aware of construction traffic and obey the relevant signage.


             Old Path Erosion                                                                              New Path