With the R&A Rule Changes effective 1 January 2019, a revision of the Club’s Local Rules was also required.  These changes can now be seen on the reverse side of the scorecards.  In addition to these there were a number of Local Rules the committee could elect to adopt.  A summary of these is below:

The following Local Rules WERE NOT adopted.

  1. The new stroke-and-distance rule for balls lost or out of bounds.
  2. Introduction of code of conduct for on-course activity with penalties that apply to a player’s competition score.
  3. Introduction of maximum hole score.


The following Local Rules WERE adopted.

  1. Players are permitted to officially return scores digitally.  NOTE: This will only come into place when technology is suitable and compatible with the Club’s competition software.
  2. Penalty areas to be marked appropriately.  Eg. 4th hole Old Course.


Every golfer must become familiar with the rules changes which come have into effect from January 1 2019. It is also advisable to carry an up to date rules book in your golf bag.  Copies of the new version are available from the Golf Shops at both the Cape Schanck and Long Island sites.

At the very minimum every member should watch this R&A rules video which summarises the key 20 changes – it takes only 2:25.  Click here to view the video.

Click here to view a more comprehensive video of the changes.