Looking to improve your golf game during winter? Why not treat yourself to a lesson with Head Teaching Professional Tim Stone or Teaching Professional Kim Collett.

The National’s Golf Academy Coaches offer a wide range of lesson and services to suit your needs:

Individual Lessons:

Whether it’s working on your driver, irons, short game or putting, The Academy can help you improve your mechanics in a simple and repeatable fashion.  The use of video analysis is a great visual aid, helping you understand areas of concern and fixing them more quickly than traditional lessons.

Lesson Packages:

The Academy offers a number of packages for sequential lessons. Building solid mechanics is critical for long-term consistency, which cannot be found in a single lesson. The Academy recommends building a game plan to help you develop a solid foundation instead of giving you a Band-Aid or quick fix. 

On Course Lessons:

Playing lessons are great way for students to learn course management skills and improve their scores. It is also a great way for The Academy to see the REAL student in action and also see how the student is progressing in the “field”. 

Key areas of focus in an on-course lesson include:

Pre shot routine
Shot alignment
Course management
Shot selection
Reading greens

Playing lessons can take place at Cape Schanck or Long Island.                                                                     

Putting Lessons:

Practice the right 4 elements the correct way and soon you will improve your chance of making putts. The Academy will help you develop the correct routine, develop the optimum mechanics, and work on drills to make rapid improvement possible in the art of making putts.

The 4 elements include:

 – Setup
 – Path
 – Impact 
 – Speed

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To make genuine gains during winter, please contact Tim at tims@nationalgolf.com.au or Kim at kimc@nationalgolf.com.au to make a booking.