I am pleased to announce a new initiative that aims to deepen the interaction between the Club and members. This initiative was identified by the Committee in the belief there is an opportunity to increase member participation at The National. Increasing member participation will enhance member enjoyment and make the Club even stronger and more vibrant.

A new structure has been formalised which defines two lead roles within the membership – Women’s member golf co-ordinator and Men’s member golf co-ordinator. These roles will support the Captain and focus on ensuring golf events and opportunities are communicated regularly to the membership, thus increasing member participation and enjoyment. Both co-ordinators will be members of the Match Sub-committee and will operate under the direction of the Captain. Each will develop a small team of members who will assist them, covering activities at both Cape Schanck and Long Island.

The co-ordinator roles will support our existing leadership structure and will focus on participation, increasing the enjoyment of your golfing experience through existing events, developing new events and trialling other initiatives.

I am delighted to welcome Meredith Ramadan and Tony Briers to these two roles.

If you would like to support this initiative please contact Meredith ( or Tony ( directly.

Winter has arrived with June rainfall significantly above the long-term average. It is a timely reminder of the need for all players to be vigilant in attending to any damage caused during a round, such as:
• Repairing pitch marks on greens, preferably your pitch mark plus at least one other;
• Filling all divots with sand – both on fairways and in the rough;
• Properly raking bunkers and leaving rakes in the middle of the bunker with the handle parallel to the direction of play; and
• Driving golf carts on fairways and cart paths only.

Golf buggies/trolleys are also not permitted to park on the tees or greens of all courses.

While undertaking these course care measures will assist, the condition of the courses at the Club will generally not present at their optimum during winter.

The Board recently considered the issue of the presentation of the Old course and supports the desire of the membership to have more favourable playing conditions throughout the entire year. It has been resolved a formal review of current maintenance practices and consideration of a range of other initiatives which could be introduced on the Old course to try and ensure high quality year-round playing conditions, will be conducted. Members will be updated on the outcomes derived from this review.

Temporary Local Rule
A Temporary Local Rule has been put into place on the Old course to enable players to take preferred lie relief on the closely mown areas where considered necessary. This has been introduced with the best interests and enjoyment of members in mind and has become necessary due to:
• the recent significant amount of rainfall, and
• the additional wear on the turf which has resulted from a 28% increase in the number of rounds played on the course this financial year (as a result of the Gunnamatta course being closed).

Andrew Davis

1 July 2019

View down the 2nd hole from the 17th green- Gunnamatta course.