The Annual General Meetings of the Club and the Company will occur on Sunday 10 November 2019. The respective Notice of Meetings will be sent to Members and Shareholders in October which will detail matters for consideration at the meetings, including nominations for the following positions:

• Director of National Golf Holdings Ltd
Adrian Barr and Kerry Hegarty will be retiring by rotation and seeking re-election.
Peter Jonson will also be retiring by rotation and he has advised the Board he will not be seeking re-election this year.
Andrew Davis who in his capacity as Captain of the Club has been a director for the past three years, has advised the Board he will be nominating to continue as a director.

• Club Captain
Andrew Davis, the current Captain will retire by rotation and is ineligible to seek re-election for this position.
John d’Apice has confirmed with the Committee he will be nominating to become the next Captain of the Club.

• Rule 3A Member (Long Island) Club Representative
John Derbogosian will be seeking re-election for this position.

As per previous years a hard copy of the Annual Report will not be sent to all Shareholders/Members with the Notice of Meeting. Any person interested in receiving the Annual Report (once it is finalised) in either hard copy or as a PDF via email should contact the Club via mail, fax (03) 5988 6744 or email to The Annual Report will also be available for review on the Club’s website.