At Long Island the staff have started the refurbishment on the R.H.S greenside bunker on the 14th hole.There is currently an unsightly drainage grate which prevents water washing the bunker away.  The drainage grate will be removed and the bunker will be made slightly smaller to allow the water to run behind.

A number of green surrounds have kikuyu patches growing in them. These patches have been sprayed with Round-up to kill the kikuyu.  The dead kikuyu will be replaced with bentgrass turf from the Cape Schanck nursery.

The Moonah tees are currently being verti-drained to alleviate compaction so the couch grass remains healthy during the colder months.

Herbicide has been applied to all the fescue surrounds to kill unwanted grasses and broadleaf weeds.  The chemical is applied with a shrouded sprayer. This enables staff to spray hard up against the bentgrass edge.