The Long Island staff have been busy removing patches of kikuyu out of the green surrounds.  The largest patch was in front of the 11th green. This area was sprayed twice with Round-up and the contaminated soil was removed and replaced with fresh, clean soil and re-turfed with bentgrass.

The above average rainfall and the associated cooler weather has caused a significant amount of poa to germinate in the couch surfaces. Despite numerous applications of chemicals, trying to prevent it from germinating and chemicals applied to kill the poa plants, some areas across the courses have responded well and other areas still have isolated pockets of poa. At Long Island there is a vast difference in the amount of poa in the front nine fairways compared to the back nine.  This was a result of the over-planting which required extra water and fertiliser and the limitation associated with not damaging the Santa ana with normal poa control products.

We have already started to individually hand paint poa with herbicides and commenced  hand weeding patches of poa throughout the courses. We will continue to trial new control methods to get on top of the poa annua.