The open grassland roughs of the Moonah and Gunnamatta Courses are being slashed to remove a lot of dead grass stubble and to allow the staff to access the rough to spray unwanted weeds. It will also assist with the establishment of indigenous grasses. The landscape crew will clean up the grass and remove boxthorn from around the ancient Moonah trees to ensure they remain in good health.

During the past six weeks we have been spraying the Gunnamatta Course fescue surrounds targeting the bentgrass that was over-sprayed on the green edges during construction.  Many of these areas have a significant amount of fescue and will recover naturally.  The other areas that were predominantly bentgrass have been removed and replaced with pure fescue turf from our nursery.

The area between the 10th & 14th holes of the Gunnamatta Course has been shaped and will be seeded with fescue grass next week.  This area was used to store machinery and sand during the construction.  The sand from this area was used for bunkers and top-dressing the fescue surrounds and tees.

The staff at Long Island have spot sprayed many thousands of Parramatta plants in the roughs and around the tees over the past eight weeks, killing individual clumps of Parramatta grass.  The staff with continue with this practice during the remaining cooler months.