Gunnamatta Course

Fescue aprons have been verti-drained with thick tynes which relieves underlying soil compaction in the aprons and also assists with drainage and root establishment.

Old Course

Hole 16 on the Old course was closed this week to allow staff to undertake clearing of long grass underneath trees which open up the view of some lovely ancient Moonah trees. 

Long Island

Over the past two weeks at Long Island, tree work has been undertaken on the Hole 8 to open up the view of the LHS of the fairway from the teeing ground. 

Long Island has received a substantial amount of rain in recent days. The amount of rain descending on the course including the above average rain fall received this year, has resulted in certain areas of the course becoming water logged. It is noted old terracotta drainage was found to be blocked with silt and tree roots in the area front of Hole 2 green. Work commenced to unblock these drains and to add additional drainage to the area to improve drainage. Members are reminded to obey cart directions around the wet areas on the fairways to limit damage to the course.

The image above shows the new drainage on Hole 2.