The National Golf Club’s Executive Chef, Craig Gorton, shares the ingredients to one of his favorite dishes on the menu – Kingfish Sashimi.

Spencer Gulf Kingfish Sashimi, Thai Basil Green Chilli Nahm Jim, Coconut Cream & Finger Lime

1               Whole Sashimi Grade Spencer Gulf Kingfish

1b             Thai Basil

2               Native Finger Limes

200ml        Coconut Cream

2               Kaffir Lime Leaves

200ml        Green Chilli Nahm Jim

Green Chilli Nahm Jim

10              Limes (rolled)

1b              Washed Coriander Roots

10cl           Garlic Roughly Chopped

1                Stick Lemongrass Roughly Chopped

8                Kaffir Lime Leaves Finely Chopped

250g           Palm Sugar Shaved

10               Long Green Chillies Roughly Chopped

250ml          Fish Sauce

50ml            Veg Oil

1T               Murray River Salt

In a Pestle and Mortar pound in batches garlic with a little salt, then coriander roots, chilli, lemongrass, lime leaf, then squeeze in lime juice and fish sauce, Taste for balance and repeat process until all the ingredients have been used. Mix all batches and taste for balance, adjust if necessary, top with vegetable oil. Makes approx 1litre of Sauce, 20 min.

Prep Fish ready for slicing/To plate slice 7 nice slices of kingfish and lay on plate, spoon over nahm jim on each piece of fish, drizzle with coconut cream, sprinkle with finger lime, picked thai basil leaves, fine julienne of lime leaves and serve. Makes approx. 8 plates.