Today’s announcement by the Premier did not provide the good news we were all hoping for, especially in relation to golf, but we can be optimistic for better news in coming days depending on the outcome of test results of those exposed to the northern suburbs cluster.
As a result of there being no changes in relation to golf, the golf booking timesheets, including for Wednesday 28th October which opens tonight at 8.00pm, will continue under the same playing conditions since we re-opened (2-ball only, practice facilities closed, 25km radius limit, 2 round limit at Long Island, face masks etc). Should a future announcement be forthcoming which amends the existing conditions eg play in 4’s is permitted, the relevant timesheets may be cancelled and members may be required to re-book – this is considered the simplest and most effective way to manage booking changes, albeit inconvenient. Please be on the lookout for further communications from the Club via email and/or via the website.

Long Island Weekly Round Limit
The 2 round weekly limit was put in place at Long Island given the majority of members live closer to the course than Cape Schanck. As expected the demand at Long Island has exceeded the demand at Cape Schanck and the round restriction has helped provide access to more members. This will be reviewed during the coming week based on pending government announcements.

Subscription Fees and Annual Food & Beverage Levy
As noted in previous communications, due to the issues associated with COVID-19, a rebate on member subscriptions for the 2019/20 financial year was provided to eligible members and the Food & Beverage Levy obligation was also rolled forward. The Committee and Board will address the matter of the 2020/21 financial year annual subscription, but not until toward the end of this financial year. It has been determined to make any decision now would be premature and would be done without fully understanding what the financial impact the current issues will have on the organisation and whether we may again be forced to close during the remainder of the financial year. Rest assured the Club and Company will, as it has always done, make a decision in the best interest of members and shareholders.

Finally, I hope many of you have had the chance to play this week, catch up with a fellow member and iron out a few kinks in the swing. Unfortunately, given I am outside the 25km limit I have not been able to attend the Club but, by necessity, I have become an eternal optimist – I know the chance for me to play our great courses is fast approaching.

Stay well, thanks you for your patience and I look forward to seeing you at the Club.

John d’Apice