Dear Member

 During an attendance at the Cape Schanck site today, a member received a phone call and was advised he is a close contact of a confirmed Covid-19 case.

 The member and all players in the group immediately left the premises and all have now had a Covid-19 test and will self-isolate until the test results are known.

 The Club has conducted a thorough investigation of the matter and can advise the member was in the Clubhouse and Golf Shop between 11.38am and 11.42am and as far as we understand did not come in close contact with any other member.  The member did not utilise the Bar or Restaurant facilities, including the toilets or Locker Rooms.

 There were two touch points in the Golf Shop which have been subsequently thoroughly disinfected (the touch screen for golf registration and the Golf Shop counter). Any member who believes they were in the Clubhouse or Golf Shop during this time is advised to self-isolate, be alert to any symptoms of Covid-19 and get tested if symptoms arise. The Club will advise the test result of the member in question as soon as possible which, depending on the result, may lead to further recommendations for the safety of you, fellow members and the community.

 As a precaution, a number of staff members were sent to have a Covid-19 test and will remain in self-isolation until the results are known.

 The Club has arranged for a deep cleaning of the affected area of the Clubhouse and Golf Shop to be undertaken this evening.

 The relevant authorities have been advised of the situation and support the response which the Club has taken. We have implemented all advice we have received in the interest of taking every precautionary step.

 This communication is to ensure all members are informed and aware of this incident. Please be vigilant about the possible onset of Covid-19 symptoms and immediately self-isolate and be tested should you have any related symptoms.

 A update will be provided as soon as we have further information.

 Stay well.