As Captain I am often approached by members expressing a variety of views on how to best go about managing the affairs of the Club, including topics covering everything from our strategic goals to operational improvements. However, through the lens of this small sample of our membership, it is easy to develop a skewed perspective of how successfully the Club is meeting member expectations. As a result, the Club recently invited all members to participate in a satisfaction survey to understand the true ‘pulse’ of our members.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Membership Sub-Committee and particularly Doug Turek, for their hard work in assisting with this initiative – without their passion for the Club, projects like these would simply not proceed. I would also like to thank the Board and management team for agreeing to conduct a survey and for being willing to be transparent with the results and fully accountable for the outcome – the survey is in effect a performance review of the entire team.

As a reminder the survey was anonymous, consisted of 17 questions and was specifically designed to be simple to complete. It included questions about our courses, operations, strategic goals and demographics – as well as providing an opportunity for comment. Pleasingly, member engagement in the survey was excellent. We received 1534 responses (approx. 50% of the membership which in survey terms is a great result) and over 2800 comments.

The Results
Overall, the results of the survey were very pleasing:

  • 92% of members surveyed were very satisfied (49%) or satisfied (43%) with the Club generally
  • 92% were very likely (70%) or likely (22%) to recommend the Club to a friend

Our courses and operations rated well and our strategic objectives all received strong support. However, while the overall results were very positive, members also provided feedback about a number of areas they identified for improvement. For example:

  • Consistency, speed and firmness of the greens at Long Island and the Old course
  • More variety of golf events
  • Club culture
  • MiClub booking system
  • Short course facilities
  • Member course care

Please see the results of the survey here

Where to from here?
The results have been tabled and discussed at a recent Board and Committee meeting. The feedback has now been categorised and will be delegated to the appropriate team/Committee to address. For example, ‘more variety of golf events’ will be addressed by the Match Sub-committee, while ‘consistency, speed and firmness of the greens at Long Island and the Old course’ will be delegated to the course executive team. All feedback will be considered and the Club will use discretion to determine areas of improvement to address – but rest assured further member updates will be provided over time as progress is made.

Thank you
The National Golf Club is one of the great clubs of Australia. The collective contribution of past and present members, staff, board members, and committee members has, since the inception of the Club over 30 years ago, culminated in what we are lucky enough to experience today. I am deeply proud of the Club and the survey results suggest the vast majority of our members are too. We have a lot to be appreciative of – thank you for your contribution!

Stay well.