The National Golf Club has a short but significant history and the Committee believes it is very important to ensure the past is properly documented and recorded. To this end an Archive and Heritage Sub-committee has been formed and an appropriate Charter adopted. 

The role of the Archive and Heritage Sub-committee will be to overview the collection, preservation and identification of items of historical importance to the Club. The Sub-committee is Chaired by Adrian Barr. 

There already has been a great deal of activity and a number of achievements made in setting up the basic infrastructure to build on. An Archive Room has been established next to the Board Room on the lower floor and a new hardware/software package acquired with the ability to store files (documents, photos etc) for easy retrieval. 

The Club is eager to obtain any memorabilia with significant value to our history. With this in mind and to involve all Members we would ask that you make full use of your lockdown time to go through any treasures you might have. These could be photos, old trophies, glassware, letters etc. We do NOT need books unless they have a truly historical value. If you do have anything of interest could you please send us a full description and preferably a photo for the Committee to evaluate. This way with the help of Members we will be able to build up a good collection which we would then hope to have on display around the Clubhouse. We are also looking to establish a “Museum” sometime in the near future that will incorporate the collection and display to Members and Guests the value we place on the development of what we definitely believe to be the best golf club in Australia.

If you do have memorabilia or any questions then please email