As winter starts to fade and the golfing gods tease us with a preview of beautiful spring weather and perfect conditions for golf, I can’t help but get really excited about the prospect of hopefully being back on the courses soon. However my desperation to play has manifested in behaviours which have my wife and kids scratching their heads.

This leads me to the top 5 signs you are an undiagnosed golf tragic:
1. You get dressed in your golfing best, including shoes, knowing full well you can’t play
2. You ‘tip your cap’ and silently mouth ‘thank you, thanks’ to inanimate objects around the house
3. You give the uber eats delivery person a 1-shot penalty for slow play
4. You try to read the break of the living room floor
5. You ask one of your children to wear US Masters caddie overalls and follow you around the house.

If you experience any of the above symptoms please play golf immediately upon the Club re-opening!

To provide some light entertainment during this ongoing lockdown we are delighted to be able to hold a Webinar with James Tomkins OAM. James has recently returned from the Olympics in Tokyo where he was a member of the International and Australian Olympic Committees and he will talk through everything from Australia’s performance at the Olympics in COVID times, to his own sporting background and achievements.

Please join us for 30-45 mins on Friday 27 August at 4.30pm via Zoom (see details below).

Please Click here to join the webinar

Passcode: 995619


James Tomkins OAM is an Australian rower, seven-time World Champion and a three-time Olympic gold medallist. He is Australia’s most awarded oarsman, having made appearances at six Olympic games (for three gold and one bronze medal); eleven World Championships (for seven world titles including one in each of the five sweep oar events); four Rowing World Cups (for two titles) and eighteen state representative King’s Cup appearances – the Australian blue ribbon men’s VIII event, (for fifteen victories, ten as stroke).

James Tomkins is one of only five Australian athletes and four rowers worldwide to compete at six Olympics. From 1990 to 1998 he was the stroke of Australia’s prominent world class crew – the coxless four – known as the Oarsome Foursome.