The Club is very pleased to confirm access to the courses to eligible members will be available from 12.00am on Wednesday 29 September.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
As outlined in the recent communication to members from the Captain, it is a condition of entry for anyone 12 + years who attends the Club from Wednesday 29 September to provide proof of at least their first dose of a government approved COVID-19 vaccination in order to gain access, or to provide appropriate evidence of a proven medical contraindication or religious belief which prevents vaccination.

I can report there has been an extremely positive response to the Club’s “no jab no access” announcement from the majority of members.

Please Click here to review the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy of The National Golf Club.

The Committee will continue to monitor and assess the current policy in the overall context of the welfare of members and also in conjunction with government directives and strategies associated with managing this pandemic.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy is just one of the measures the Club considers is necessary in order to uphold its duty of care to members, staff and other attendees on the Club premises. Members are requested to adhere to the reasonable direction and comply with all initiatives designed to mitigate the risk of the transmission of Covid-19.

Proof of Vaccination
Many members have already submitted their proof of vaccination certificates and I can confirm the gathering of this information is being undertaken in accordance with a collection statement which can be reviewed by Clicking here If you have not yet provided your proof of vaccination, please submit your documentation via email to

Golf Arrangements
Members have previously been provided a detailed explanation of the golfing arrangements for the return to play and these can be reviewed by Clicking here The following additional comments on various golfing arrangements are noted:
• Until further direction is provided by the government, all practice facilities will be closed, with the exception of lessons with the Golf Professionals. Members will be advised when the practice facilities are permitted to be used
• The Club requires members to show good judgement in order to comply with the government directive of not travelling more than 15 kilometres from their place of permanent residence in order to play golf at the Club
• Club management is investigating opportunities that may exist with other private golf clubs which may involve the swapping of tee times to enable National members who live outside the 15 kilometre radius to have the opportunity to play a round of golf. Given demand for golf is so high at the moment, this may not be a realistic possibility but every effort will be undertaken
• The Club is monitoring the level of demand for the courses and will review whether a weekly limit on the number of rounds each member may play is required
• There is no access to toilet facilities at the respective Clubhouses unless for emergency purposes.

Most importantly, if any member has any Covid symptoms or has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid, they must not attend the Club.

We look forward to the courses re-opening on Wednesday and the opportunity to welcome more members when the travel restrictions are further eased.

Jon Gahan