Well we had a good number of responses but perhaps the questions were a little too hard? But we did have a winner and congratulations go to Jackson Killick who answered 23 of the 25 questions correctly. Well done Jackson you (win a $50.00 voucher to spend at the club) PLUS you currently have  bragging rights for the next two weeks! The next Quiz is (we believe) a little easier and closer to home with a number of the questions revolving around The National. So let’s see how you go with this. Maybe get a few of your golfing friends together online and over a glass of wine form your own Quiz team. The Quiz will stay open for 2 weeks so please get your brain working and email your answers to heritage@nationalgolf.com.au. Again answers will be posted on the website.

  1. The National Golf Club was first advertised to the general public in 1985. Name the golf club in which this took place.
  2. One of our members has won a world championship squash title. Name this person. Clue: He is not the most successful squash player in the family.
  3. In what year did Long Island Country Club and The National Golf Club merge?
  4. An Associate Professional from the club recently broke through for his first professional victory. Name this cheery fellow.
  5. Name the young National Golf Club member who has been playing in big amateur events in Britain this year. Clue: Before leaving Melbourne, his handicap floated between +4 and +6.
  6. Across all categories, how many members does the National GC have? Over 3,250 (b) 2,500 (c) 3,000 (d) 3,175
  7. The majority of greens at Long Island fall in a particular manner. That is: (a) high left, to low right (b) high right, to low left (c) back-to-front (d) front-to-back. Which design bias did Gordon Oliver employ?
  8. For any information pertaining to membership purchase/sale, members should first contact: (a) Jeremy Watson (b) one of our friendly bar staff.
  9. In his prime, one of our senior members drove the sixth hole on the Old. Name him. Clue: It was routed as the opening hole at the time.
  10. Name The National Golf Club member who has won the Australian Amateur title on four occasions?
  11. How many members of The National Golf Club currently carry a scratch (or better) handicap? Is it:15-20 (b) 21-30 (c) 31-40 (d) 41-50 (e) more than 50
  12. On the Men’s scorecard, the opening hole on the Moonah Course is currently rated No. 6 Stroke Index. At different times over the years, two other ratings have been attached to this hole. Name them.
  13. Name 5 animals found at The National (either site). Gain a bonus point by listing 10.
  14. Among other club initiatives, the Moonah Course was officially opened by an exhibition involving Greg Norman and Craig Parry. True or false.
  15. The mastermind behind Tom Doak’s greens on the Gunnamatta was: (a) Eric Iverson (b) Tom Doak (c) Brian Schneider (d) Brian Slawnik (e) Jim Urbina. Clue: This person spent many months on-site.
  16. In the advent of an on-course snake bite, what are the first four steps to take?
  17. What underpins The National’s success? (a) its sound financial position (b) glorious surrounds for playing golf (c) a diverse membership, that spans the cultural and social divide (d) the attractiveness of gaining membership, including share price buoyancy (e) all of the above.
  18. A club putting competition honours the memory of a popular Club Captain from yesteryear. Name this person.
  19. Name the first Chairman of National Golf Holdings (NGH).
  20. Name the ex-Prime Minister who held membership of The National Golf Club.
  21. A well-publicised match took place at Metropolitan in the 1980s, pitting Jane Lock against Jan Stephenson. Who won?
  22. Name the public course in Melbourne where Peter Thomson first played the game.
  23. Who is the Australian golf professional known as POM?
  24. Name the big-hitting Australian golf professional who gave up his touring life to become a celebrity restaurant owner and chef. Clue: Hailing from NSW, he made the change within the last fifteen years.
  25. Name the Tasmanian golfer who at one time held the lowest golf handicap among women in the world.
  26. Which current par-3 at Kingston Heath was once a ‘blind’ bogey four of 250 yards?
  27. In which Queensland town does Karrie Webb hail from?
  28. An exciting new golf course is being constructed in Hobart, spearheaded by Matthew Goggin. Name the development.
  29. In the lead-up to the Open Championship, Peter Thomson used to sharpen his game by practising at two golf courses on the Mornington Peninsula. Name them.
  30. Greg Norman’s first professional victory came in the 1976 West Lakes Classic. How soon did it materialise after turning pro? (a) third event as a pro (b) ninth (c) fourth (d) sixth (e) second.