It is anticipated demand for tee times will be very high once golf again becomes a permitted activity.  While members are currently not able to make bookings on the daily timesheets, the below information will assist in providing members a greater understanding of the manner in which the booking system currently operates. 

NB – The date timesheets are to re-open will be advised when possible.

Booking Sheets

Timesheets will open 6 days prior to day of play at 8:00 pm using the Lottery method.

The Lottery randomises the entry process for members to ensure each entrant has an equal chance to obtain a tee time (to book themselves or their group of up to 4 players), on busy or heavily contested timesheets.  

A member can accesses the fixture list up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening of a timesheet, selects ‘Join Draw’ to get a ticket in the Lottery and waits for the clock to countdown. The draw closes 5 seconds before the timesheet opens and entrants are randomly allocated a ticket in the queue to access the selected timesheet, like a lottery.  

The first 5 members allocated in the ‘Lottery’ have immediate access to the timesheet to find a tee time.  The remainder of entrants are ordered by their allocated ticket number. Therefore ticket #1 is the sixth member to enter the timesheet.

The advantages of the Lottery process over the previous entry method are:

  • Completely random and therefore provides an equal booking opportunity for all members
  • Eliminates fastest click gaining the best tee times
  • All devices have an equal chance regardless of internet type and speed
  • Members have a better chance of getting the tee time selected with only 5 members accessing the timesheet at any one-time


For frequently asked questions about the Booking Lottery click here