Hole 14 Old Course

Last Friday we experienced a storm front that whipped up south easterly wind gusts of 145km/hr for approximately 45mins.  The wind was strong enough to snap the flagstick on hole 17 on the Gunnamatta Course. 

Hole 11 Long Island course

Long Island sustained the most damage with many large trees either blown over, or now have severely damaged tree canopies that will require tree contractors to assist ground staff with the clean up.

 Hole 7 Long Island

Hole 10 Long Island

The dead tree which assisted golfers lining up their shots on the 10th hole was blown over in the storm.

Hole 5 Old Course

The Old Course required numerous trees, which had blown over and were blocking paths, to be cut and removed. The trees around the double green sustained most damage, with a number of large cypress limbs down. An arborist will be engaged to remove the damaged limbs in amongst the cypress canopies.