To date, the following Team Competitions for Women have been played at Cape Schanck:

  1. Thursday, 10 March – 4BBB Aggregate S’ford (David Launder) – Gunnamatta – 12 participants
  2. Thursday, 14 April – Best 3 S’ford Scores (Corporate Cup) – Old – 14 participants (and Di Cook had a hole-in-one on the 7th)
  3. Thursday, 12 May – Foursomes (Doris Chambers) – Moonah – 14 participants

The Fourth Competition 

The fourth competition, a 4BBB S’ford (Winter Cup) will take place at Long Island on Monday, 6 June. Please book online via the ‘Team Competitions for Women’ entry sheet containing 16 player spots (maximum participants) and 8 waiting list spots.

Partners will be randomly drawn from the participants on the entry sheet prior to the first tee time. Please congregate in the Clubhouse by 10.45am (ie. approx. 15 minutes before the first tee time) to participate in the random draw.

An information sheet will be emailed to all participants on the entry sheet a couple of days in advance. Please ensure your email address is on the Club’s Website (Members Directory).

Participants will not be entered into the Club’s competition of the day and handicaps will not be affected by the competition results. There will be no competition fees, prizes or formal presentations and no dining or celebratory functions organised prior to or after the competition. It’s just a social day to meet new members, learn different formats and have some fun!

12-month Programme 

The programme for the 12-month trial is as follows (the name and date of the related team Board event is in parenthesis):


  • 10 Mar – 4BBB Aggregate S’Ford (David Launder 12/3/22) – Gunnamatta
  • 14 Apr – Best 3 S’Ford Scores (Corporate Cup 29/4/22) – Old
  • 12 May – Foursomes (Doris Chambers 14/5/22) – Moonah
  • 6 June – 4BBB S’Ford (Winter Cup R1 18/6/22) – Long Island
  • 14 July – 2 Person Stroke Matchplay (George Munn 17/7/22) – Gunnamatta
  • 8 Aug – 2 Person Ambrose (No Board Event in Aug) – Long Island
  • 8 Sept – Irish Teams (No Board Event in Sept) – Old
  • 13 Oct – 4BBB Par (FD Haward 2/10/22) – Moonah
  • 10 Nov – Canadian Foursomes (Richard Launder 26 & 27/11/22) – Gunnamatta
  • 5 Dec – 4BBB S’Ford (No Board Event, Summer Cup in Jan) – Long Island


  • 12 Jan – 4 Person Elimination Ambrose (Australia Day Ambrose 26/1/23) – Old
  • 9 Feb 23 – 2 Person Stroke Matchplay (Tribal Challenge TBD) – Moonah

Whether you are an experienced golfer or a novice, everyone is welcome to participate, all you need is a handicap.

Feel free to contact the convenors with any queries or feedback:

  • Darcy Thompson:
  • Di Cook:

Warm Regards,
Women’s Golf Co-ordinator