Directors & Committee








Michael Holloway
 Chairman & Director

John d’Apice  
Captain & Director

Adrian Anderson



Adrian Barr

Anthony Briers

Colin Carter



Kerry Hegarty

Andrew Davis

John Derbogosian
Associate Director






 John d’Apice (Captain), A Davis, A Anderson, A Barr, A Briers, C Carter, J Derbogosian, K Hegarty and M Holloway 

Course Committee

A Barr, J. d’Apice, A Davis, J Gahan, L Yanner,  B Nelson and C Funch

Match Sub Committee

J. d’Apice, T Briers, S Herd, T Vaughan, K Hegarty, M Ramadan, J Gahan, B Nelson, C Funch and R Quested

Membership/Marketing Sub Committee

J. d’Apice, S Cripps, J Derbogosian, J Wright, D Knight, J Gahan, B Nelson and J Watson

Finance Committee

M Holloway, A Anderson, J Selak, J Gahan and D Jenkins

Design Review Panel

J Leonard, G Wilson, D Newell and D Jenkins

National Links Panel

G Tuddenham, G Wilson, J Gahan and D Jenkins

Health and Safety Committee

K Hegarty and B Nelson

Disciplinary Committee

P Mitchell and D Thompson